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The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning supports the growth and development of employee-owned businesses while creating and sustaining jobs worth owning. Administered by the ICA Group, a leading expert on employee ownership.  

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Designing solutions  for employee-owned businesses: 

  • Mezzanine or gap financing for businesses transitioning to employee ownership

  • Start-up capital for cooperatives, specializing in lending for child care and home care businesses

  • Development projects that provide supportive infrastructures for new and existing co-ops, including secondary cooperatives and shared service networks

Financing transitions to employee ownership with: 

  • Flexible and subordinated capital

  • Lines of credit and working capital solutions 

  • Funding to establish a member loan program

Employee-owned jobs: 

  • Promote workplace democracy and participation 

  • Help employees build wealth and financial stability

  • Offer good wages, benefits, and profit sharing

  • Provide opportunities for professional growth 

  • Root small businesses in local communities 

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The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning invests in businesses that have support from cooperative development organizations or secondary cooperatives. The Fund specializes in financing caregiver cooperatives in the child care and home care industries, although investments span multiple industries and are not limited to geographic region.

Learn more about how the Fund for Jobs Worth Owning can help your business!

Jonathan Ward
Director of Lending