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Current Initiatives

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Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership

After a 10-year gap, the legislature refunded the Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership and engaged ICA and Working Wealth to administer it in 2019. This office provides education and outreach, pre-feasibility services, and serves as a support network for both ESOPs and co-ops. Read the Boston Globe’s coverage of the Massachusetts Office of Employee Involvement and Ownership.

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NYC Department of Small Business Services

In 2015, the ICA Group began work with the City of New York’s Department of Small Business Services with the goal of fighting income equality across the five boroughs through the creation and support of worker cooperatives. ICA’s engagement in this comprehensive citywide effort focuses on creating new jobs at worker cooperatives by creating new co-op businesses, converting existing businesses to employee ownership, and assisting operating co-ops with expansion and growth. ICA also provides business support and technical assistance services to worker cooperatives and hosts educational events for labor unions and businesses interested in the cooperative model. Learn more about the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative.

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CoRise is a cooperative of home-based child care providers in Illinois. Developed in partnership with Service Employees International Union,  his social enterprise launched in Fall of 2018 following extensive market research and provider engagement. CoRise will offer technology-enabled services designed to specifically to strengthen the businesses of providers in low-income communities. Initial offerings will include low-cost loan pools, marketing, and administrative support. CoRise uses the cooperative model to center providers in the decision-making process and encourage peer networking, advocacy, and connection. Learn more about CoRise at www.corise.coop.

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Child care providers in Philadelphia are coming together to develop the National Resources for Family Child Care (NRFCC) cooperative. Growing out of a networking group that has brought providers together for over a decade, the cooperative seeks to serve current and aspiring home-based child care providers, who are often isolated and struggle to access resources to support their businesses. With help from ICA staff, providers are developing business plans for a purchasing cooperative offering training, tax preparation, and staffing services. As an organization designed by and for providers, NRFCC will raise up the resources and expertise of the family child care community. Learn more about NRFCC at https://www.nrfcc.org/.

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Alternative Staffing Alliance

Alternative staffing is an enterprise strategy designed to help job seekers with barriers to employment enter and succeed in the labor market. Using a staffing business model coupled with supportive services, alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) help employers attract and retain reliable, motivated workers and link job seekers to competitive employment, skills development opportunities, and pathways to long-term employment. The ICA Group launched the Alternative Staffing Alliance in 2007 to create a national network that would foster peer learning, provide tools and resources to strengthen practitioners’ effectiveness, and expand the sector by supporting others interested in launching ASOs. Today the Alliance is a dynamic community of nearly 50 ASOs, we offer an extensive catalog of practical tools and best practices information, and the alternative staffing model has gained greater visibility and adoption as a high-performing employment social enterprise strategy. Learn more about the Alternative Staffing Alliance at https://altstaffing.org.

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The Home Care Worker Purpose Trust  

In January 2018, ICA began the process of creating a joint venture with Consumer Direct Care Network and a trust made up of ICA, Cooperative Home Care Associates, and PHI to respond to the state of Washington’s request for a Consumer Directed Employer to support approximately 38,000 Independent Provider home care workers. The Trust for Workers exists to promote good working conditions, economic security for workers, and worker voice and agency in the home care industry. In time, the Trust will create the largest worker-centered business in the United States, and the second largest worker-centered business in the world after the Mondragon Corporation, the first cooperative founded in 1956.

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