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In these unprecedented times you may be wondering about the future of your agency—especially if you’re on the verge of retirement. How much is your agency worth? Who can you sell to? How can you ensure the sale is on your terms? If you are weighing your options, the Home Care Legacy Program can help.

The ICA Group is now providing FREE exit planning services to qualifying owners of independent home care agencies.

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Consulting Services

Critical for a smooth transition—an exit plan will help you understand all of your options.

ICA Consultants can help you:

  • Identify a target exit date and selling price
  • Clarify your business and personal goals
  • Establishes a management succession plan
  • Lay out a timeline with key milestones for exiting the business
  • Calculate the likely value of your business with key value drivers, financial projections, and gaps between today’s value and the value you want to recoup from your business

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An Innovative Alternative

One exit option that you may have never considered is a sale to your employees. As word spreads, hundreds of business owners are exploring employee ownership. If you hope to:

  • secure a competitive return for your business 
  • ensure the future of loyal employees
  • preserve your agency’s legacy in the community

A sale to your employees may be the right choice for you.

If you are interested in free technical assistance to help you assess all of your options, we invite you to apply to the Home Care Legacy Program to access up to 40 hours of free consulting services.

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Program Eligibility

  • Agencies must have been operational for at least the last three years (and be willing/able to show financial statements for the last three years).

  • Agencies must show a profit in the last three years (pre-COVID19). There is no minimum requirement for profit.

  • Agencies must have at least eight full-time employees.

  • Agencies led by POC, women, LGBTQI++, agencies located in rural areas and agencies accepting public pay are particularly encouraged to apply and will receive funding preference.

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Your Partner through an Ownership Transition

The ICA Group is a national nonprofit business consultancy, specializing in the development of employee-owned businesses. Our services and expertise in the home care industry include exit planning, business valuation, market research, strategic planning, capital access, and financial management.

Since 1977, we have supported the launch and growth of hundreds of employee-owned businesses and preserved over 10,000 local jobs. We start by assessing the operational and financial feasibility of the sale. From there, we employ our 5-step process, expertly refined through our 43 years of experience, to support business owners through a successful sale to their employees. 

We specialize in working with businesses where employees have limited resources. With financing for a partial or full buyout, your employees will become the new generation of owners, while you secure a fair price for the sale of your business to support a dignified retirement.

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Resources on Employee Ownership in Home Care

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To apply for ICA’s Home Care Legacy Program, please fill out this simple application form. We estimate it will take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Apply Now

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your eligibility.

Feel free to email us at homecarelegacy@icagroup.org with any questions.

The Home Care Legacy Program is being offered in collaboration with the UW Center for Cooperatives in Wisconsin, the Keystone Development Center in Pennsylvania, and the Cooperative Development Foundation.

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