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Can you find a buyer you trust?

The pandemic has put a spotlight on just how essential home care is and there are a lot of buyers in the market. But finding the right buyer isn’t easy. The reality is, many buyers care more about profit than about the integrity of your business.

Can you find a buyer you trust and still get the payout you need? If not, what will happen to your business? Will the new owner jeopardize what you built? And what will happen to your loyal team?

Explore your options

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Elevate what you built with EO

You want a buyer who has all the right skills, can pay a good price, and will carry on the integrity of your business.

Did you ever consider that your best buyer could be your team? When you sell to your employees, you can feel confident that the next owner will elevate what you built. Employee ownership unlocks a win-win exit strategy:

  • Retire on your own terms
  • Receive a good price for your life’s work
  • Guarantee your legacy by selling to a buyer who knows your business
  • Thank your loyal team by setting them up for success

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What business owners are saying about selling to their employees

“It’s a very good option for any business owner because it allows you to step away with a sigh of relief that what you implanted in whatever community you are in, can still survive.”

“[My business partner and I] were concerned about what would happen when we eventually retire. Employees are our only asset, really. [Employee ownership] is the perfect way to keep them engaged.”

“[Employee ownership is a way of] reaching into our values and living those in a powerful way. When I started this [business], I didn’t know about employee owned cooperatives or the idea of it. But the vision is so aligned with where we wanted to be from the very beginning.”

Learn About Employee Ownership

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Your partner through an ownership transition

The ICA Group has 47 years of experience helping business owners plan and negotiate a rewarding exit through employee ownership. We are home care experts operating as a non-profit, because we’re on a mission to help business owners like you. Whether you are ready to sell now or you would like to plan for your future, ICA consultants can help you:

  • Evaluate exit options that align with your vision and goals
  • Gain insight into the market value of your business and get expert advice on how to increase its value
  • Identify a target exit date and selling price and layout a timeline to get there
  • Develop a management succession plan that will make the transfer a success

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Get started today

Wondering what this means for you? Join us at a webinar to learn more about employee ownership as an exit option and to get advice on how to plan for a rewarding exit.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch today to get the process started. During your no-cost discover call, we will:

  • Explore your exit options
  • Discuss your business’ current value and how to increase it to prepare for a transition
  • Get the ball rolling on your exit plan

This is a free opportunity to access up to 40 hours of free consulting services that can take you from fearing the future to welcoming your next step.

Get in touch

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Resources on Employee Ownership in Home Care

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Get in touch to explore your exit options

Can’t wait? Email us at homecarelegacy@icagroup.org with any questions.

Home Care Legacy services are being offered in collaboration with the Keystone Development Center in Pennsylvania, funded in part by USDA Rural Cooperative Development Program.

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