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Elevate Cooperative

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Worker ownership is the remedy to our broken, exploitive home care system, but individual home care cooperatives cannot change the industry alone. Understanding that quality jobs are the foundation of quality care, Elevate Cooperative – a new network cooperative made up of home care cooperatives, pooling resources and working together – is changing the future of home care. 

Pooling resources and power, Elevate Cooperative offers products and services that drive the profitability, growth and influence of home care cooperatives.

Worker-centered home care cooperatives change the balance of power, profit and rewards in home care. But individual cooperatives can only do so much.

Elevate Cooperative will be owned and governed by home care cooperatives, with products and services designed by and for home care cooperatives.

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Elevating Home Care Together

The home care cooperative sector is supported by a strong and growing national network of cooperatives, developers and supporters engaged in strategy, best practice sharing, and peer learning. Elevate Cooperative builds upon this culture in new and innovative ways, elevating what’s already been accomplished through enhanced collaboration to advance the movement.

Today, there are 15 home care cooperatives in operation across 8 states, employing over 2500 caregivers, and half a dozen new start-up initiatives underway in as many states. Elevate will support rapid start-up, conversions, and co-op growth.

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Elevate Cooperative is being developed by the ICA Group with financial support from private foundations, government grants and individual donors. Special recognition is due to the Cooperative Development Foundation, a key strategic partner and financial supporter of this work. Scheduled to launch in 2022, Elevate Cooperative will be an independent cooperative entity, owned and governed by member cooperatives. 

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Support Elevated Home Care Jobs

We have an opportunity to shape the future of jobs in home care: and build a future where all home care workers can feel proud that they have a job worth owning. Your support can get us there. 

A gift to Elevate Cooperative is a gift to caregivers. If you believe that caregivers deserve recognition and respect, fair pay and benefits, and professional training and advancement opportunities, make a donation to Elevate Cooperative today. When you support Elevate, Elevate can invest in cooperatives, and cooperatives can invest in their workers. It’s that simple. 

Donations will support the thousands of hours of staff time it takes to build and launch a national secondary cooperative including cooperative focus groups, interviews and needs assessments, product and service research and development, financial modeling and cooperative infrastructure. Once launched, cooperatives that join Elevate Cooperative will make an equity investment and pay monthly dues and additional product and service fees. 

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