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Job Posting: Database Design Project Consultant

The ICA Group is looking to hire a short-term consultant to build a relational database for use by our data and research team and provide recommendations on data warehousing and long-term database maintenance. The ICA Group is a national not-for-profit consultancy based in Northampton, MA with offices in Boston and New York focused on the development and support of initiatives that build economic security and wealth in low-income communities through worker-owned and democratic businesses.The ICA Group is working to transform the care sectors (child care, home care) through cooperative ownership models. This staff position plays a critical role in putting our strategy and mission into practice. They will manage a diverse portfolio of client businesses in the care industries, including legacy businesses, businesses converting to cooperative ownership, and cooperative business development projects. Clients will range from micro to midsize businesses operating in low and moderate-income communities nationwide. This an ideal opportunity for a mid-career professional with strong analytical and client management skills and a deep commitment to social justice.

For immediate hire. The position is expected to last 3-4 weeks.

About the ICA Group

The ICA Group is a leading expert on worker ownership and the oldest national organization dedicated to the development of worker cooperatives. We are a mission-driven nonprofit organized as a worker cooperative and are dedicated to bringing strategic analysis and industry-focused supports to the worker ownership sector. Our business expertise is bolstered by a deep understanding of worker ownership and other worker-centered structures, and a commitment to serving low-wage workers and communities of color.


Key responsibilities of this position include:

  • Build a relational database (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL) in accordance to data and research team’s information needs
  • Define users and enable data distribution to users in appropriate format and in a timely manner
  • Determine and document database policies, procedures and standards
  • Assist with initial SQL query development and hand off code to data and research team
  • Provide recommendations on data warehousing and long-term database maintenance
  • Document all work so it can be handed off to the data and research team
  • Work on an accelerated timeline


  • Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, MIS, or related IT/Engineering field preferred) or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of experience with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle SQL, or PostgreSQL
  • Experience cleaning and transforming large data sets
  • Excellent knowledge of database maintenance (performance efficiency, security, backup recovery)
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and assistanceSix years or more of relevant work experience

To Apply

Interested candidates should send a resume to David Hammer at careers@icagroup.org. No phone calls please.

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