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Careers at ICA

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We’re hiring! Learn more about our open positions: 

Program Director

Business Developer

Senior Communications & Marketing Specialist

Please Note: ICA lists the anticipated salary range for all open positions because we think that not doing so wastes people’s time and leads to inequity. We will not go outside of the salary range without re-listing the position as a more senior position, and we will not participate in negotiations outside the listed range. We also recognize that some candidates may only be interested in the position at the higher end of the posted salary range and may be unsure whether we see your experience the same way they do. In order to provide transparency about the scale provided, we are happy to discuss how we view your experience and where it fits in the range during the interview process.

At the ICA Group, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that in order to build a new economy where working people lead and own democratic workplaces, leaders in cooperative development must reflect the communities they serve. We support equitable opportunities for all people and we strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds, people of color, women, individuals from the LGBTQIAA+ community, and others who identify as a part of historically marginalized communities to apply for open positions at ICA.

Core Values

At the ICA Group, our core values serve as a compass that guides our decision making, navigation through challenges, and relationships with clients and partners:

  • Equity – We believe that all people deserve respect, access to opportunities, and have the right to live fulfilling lives. We work to shift the dominant power dynamics in our society to build a future that is equitable for all people.

  • Democratic Ownership – We believe that all working people deserve a voice in the governance of their organizations and the opportunity to build assets. We build democratic, worker owned businesses where workers share wealth, responsibility, and agency.

  • Entrepreneurship – We embrace new ideas and opportunities to create innovative business solutions. We strive to create transformative change by testing bold ideas in uncharted territories.  

  • Transformation – We believe that large-scale reinvention of our economy is required for achieving a more equitable society.  We pursue bold actions that advance people, ideas, and organizations.

  • Empathy – We believe in the power of listening, viewing the world through the eyes of our partners, and centering the experiences of workers in the decisions that impact them. We value building deep, trusting partnerships with people and organizations.

  • Integrity – We believe in setting high standards for honest and ethical conduct in all aspects of our work. We act with respect and create a foundation of trust with our clients and partners.

  • Excellence – We believe that in order to solve big problems, we must approach our work with thoroughness, rigor, and a commitment to excellence. We set and achieve ambitious goals and develop creative approaches to every complex problem we encounter.

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